David Small has two sides as a writer, one side full of criticism, and the other side, tenacity. What distinguishes Small beyond these coexisting sides is the quality of his novels. Written with all the skill and depth a demanding reader could ask for, they could be in the running for that elusive holy grail - “The Great American Novel.”
— Pam Smith

About david small

David Small has previously published five novels. ALMOST FAMOUS was a finalist for the National Book Award, first novel category; THE RIVER IN WINTER was selected by the New York Times as one of its Notable Books of the Year, as was his third book, ALONE. A Guggenheim Fellow, Small was born in Gardiner, Maine, and raised in New York and Pennsylvania, but his spiritual home has always been his grandparents’ house on Dennison Avenue in Freeport, Maine. He currently lives outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Jemry, and a cat named Captain Cloudy.

Now Available - Lie to me

David Small, author of Almost Famous, a finalist for the American Book Award, and More of Everything: A Love Story, (five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads) now offers his readers Lie to Me, a novel of deception, and moral ambiguity. Earl Bogwell marries into what he thinks is a mafia family. Strange things happen: people disappear, bombings and mysterious suicides occur. Is it all coincidences, or is everything being orchestrated by his unlikely father-in-law?