About David Small

David Small has previously published five novels. ALMOST FAMOUS was a finalist for the National Book Award, first novel category; THE RIVER IN WINTER was selected by the New York Times as one of its Notable Books of the Year, as was his third book, ALONE. A Guggenheim Fellow, Small was born in Gardiner, Maine, and raised in New York and Pennsylvania, but his spiritual home has always been his grandparents’ house on Dennison Avenue in Freeport, Maine. He currently lives outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Jemry, and a cat named Captain Cloudy.

David Small is the reason I decided to write. His novels are beautifully crafted stories with characters that feel as human as any you’ll come across in fiction. There’s an effortlessness to the prose and lack of contrivance in the narrative. You crack open his books to spend time with real people in the throes of being alive. Fulsome like John Irving, unpretentious like Anne Tyler, and at times hilariously funny like Joshua Ferris. Small’s books are filled with sentences you read, stop, and read again for the fun of it. I love them all, but Almost Famous may edge out the others——and not just because it’s about a baseball player.
— Andy Abramowitz, author of Thank You, Goodnight